How do you store the oil?

Our oil has a shelf life of two years if left unopened and stored in a dark place.

Light and oxygen are the enemies of all oils. Anything you can do to protect it from these will extend its life.

Once opened, we recommend using it within 30 days. This is because it is fragile, like a fresh avocado. That being said, on day 31, it is not going to go rancid.

We keep our working oil on our counter, but it only takes our family about 20 days to finish a bottle.

You are welcome to store it in the fridge if you have a difficult time using a full bottle within 30 days. At cold temperatures, the natural waxes of the oil will solidify, making it more difficult to use the oil immediately. It will have to sit on the counter for 10 minutes or so to become fully liquid again.

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