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Register/Login to your account here:  MY ACCOUNT

You can also find the link by visiting our main web page when pressing the SHOP icon and finding the profile icon on the right side.

To register or access your account, you must use the same email that you used when you placed your order.

If you need to reset your password for your online account please press the "email password" link that is directly above where you would enter the password.

Things you can do in your account:

  • See past orders
  • See your active subscriptions
  • Change the next ship date of a subscription
  • Change the shipping and billing addresses of a subscription
  • Change/Update your payment method for a subscription

Things you cannot do in your account:

  • Cancel a subscription
  • Change the items in your subscription

Please write if you would like to do any these things or need help in any way. 

Expect an email back in 24-48 hours. Sometimes in as little as 30 minutes.

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