Microplastics in Salt

Microplastics were found in sea salts from 128 salt brands from 38 different regions, spanning over five continents. 90% of the commercial salts samples analyzed contained microplastics, with concentrations reaching 19800 particles.kg-1, leading to a potential ingestion of 36135 particles.year-1 when considering the typical salt consumer.

Please take a look at this article from National Geographic to learn more.

And, for you citizen scientists, you can also download this scientific review via PDF with the actual data: "Microplastic pollution in commercial salt for human consumption: A Review"

I'm pleased to announce that Colima Sea Salt has been tested and does not have any Microplastics.

Here's why, our salt is not made from ocean water. It is made from rain water that flows into a dry salt lagoon, percolates down through the lagoon bed dissolving minerals along the way, then is pumped to the surface for evaporation in the hot sun. No Ocean Water.

Lab Results:

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