Shipping Policies

12 Hour Hold on All Orders

All orders are held for 12 hours before they are put in queue to be sent to our fulfillment center. This allows us to provide exceptional customer service. Once the order has been sent to our fulfillment center, we are unable to change or cancel it.

No Shipping on Weekends and Holidays 

We do not ship on weekends or holidays. If you make an order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please note that it will be processed first thing the next business day.


If you are signed up to receive a automated shipment from us we will process your order at the frequency of your choosing (an email notification will be sent to you about 10 days before the date your order is to be processed) and then your order will be held for 36 hours after this date to give an opportunity for customers to notify us to make any changes to it. After 36 hours, your order is sent to fulfillment and shipped. Once it is shipped an email notification is sent to you with the tracking information.

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