Is Your Salt Refined?

There are three simple tests you can do in the comfort of your own home.

TEST #1: Look At It

Is the salt an unnatural, perfect uniform white? If so, it may have been chemically bleached in some way. Natural salt has an off-white color due to the trace minerals found in it.

TEST #2: Shake It Out

Is the salt fine and free flowing? If it comes out of your saltshaker effortlessly, it’s safe to assume the salt was processed with anti-caking agents. Real salt is moist, soft, and doesn’t pour when it rains.

TEST #3: Is It Sold In A Box Or Tube?

Salts sold in a cardboard box or tube are dry and probably have had anti-caking agents added so that the salt won’t absorb moisture and ruin the package.

You see, most big brand kosher salts you see in the store are refined. (And they taste like it too!)

What that means is —

  • They have had all their minerals and moisture stripped away.
  • They use sulfuric acid and chlorine to bleach the salt white.
  • They’re made in a way so that they’re an impossibly high 99.7% “purity”.

They would make it 100% pure but that last .03% is for the anti-caking agents. That’s the stuff that makes table salt flow out of your saltshaker. We eat  unrefined sea salt made the way it was meant to be.

That’s why we created our Sea Salt. A hand harvested, artisanal sea salt with all the natural trace minerals you want and none of the added anti-caking agents you don’t.

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