Other Avocado Oils

Most of the questions we get about other avocado oils refer to the bottle at Costco. It is big and inexpensive.

I have a bottle of that oil from Costco in my kitchen right now and use it for frying tortillas. 

Why? Because its cheap.

It is a refined avocado oil. The refining process removes the color, flavor, smell and nutrients from the oil. Anything that might go bad.

This means that a refined oil can use any kind of avocado, ripe, rotten, bruised, or damaged, and still smell and taste OK.

Our avocado oil is cold-pressed and un-refined.
Pressed only from fresh, ripe avocados, just the flesh, no skin or pits.
It has an amazing green color, light avocado flavor, and a floral smell.
It also has all the nutrients that make avocado oil so good for you.

I encourage you to purchase a bottle of each and compare.

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