What is your recommended salt cellar or salt pig?

I have a fascination with salt pigs or salt cellars. You see, salt is meant to be on the counter, ready for a pinch here a pinch there. It is an essential part of cooking. Having it stored in the pantry is like playing catch with one hand in your pocket.

I was cruising Amazon for a new salt pig. I have had a few on my kitchen counter and I have specific likes and dislikes. I prefer the pig style, that would be one without a lid and an opening that looks like a pig’s snout. This style does not protect your salt from the air but it make it super easy to access it for a pinch or two. I am going to call the ones with lids, salt cellars. I like salt cellars that have the lid attached so you don’t lose/break it. Salt cellars, well designed, will make your salt stay fresher.

Although I have not personally tried each one, I hope that my insight and experience can help you find the perfect pig or cellar.

Joseph Joseph Ovi Salt Container with Closable Lid

I love the size of the opening on this one. It looks huge. Easy for me to get three fingers and a thumb in. You can spin the top to open and close it. That’s pretty cool and no top to misplace, get dirty, or break. It looks like a great salt pig cellar cross-over. I have not used this one but I read that the top can be difficult to open and close. Please add this to my wish list.

Berard 90070 French Olive-Wood Handcrafted Salt Keeper

I actually own this one (thanks Nana) and I love it. It is so beautiful. The lid is attached, so you won’t lose it. The only problem I have had is the wood has dried out and cracked in the dry desert air of Central Oregon. Otherwise, a great choice.

Prepara Salt Savor with Spoon, White

Another pig/cellar combo I would like to try. The top is made of silicon and pops open and closed with one hand. Many Amazon reviewers complained that their lid did not close all the way. Still, I love the design. One handed, big opening, and an attached “lid”.

RSVP Salt Server with Spoon (Alton Brown)

Ah, Alton Brown, one of my favorite TV kitchen personalities. I really only included this one because he uses it. This cellar has an attached lid, a one handed flip top version. The glass container with a silicon seal on the stainless lid should protect your salt. Toss the spoon, who needs it? Alton makes it look good on TV. Maybe I’ll put this on my wish list.

Emile Henry Salt Pig, Nougat

Traditional pig, no lid. We recommend that you store your salt in a glass or ceramic container with a lid that seals. Our salt is moist, as it should be, and therefore will maintain it’s moisture better in a sealed container. But, that doesn’t mean it’s my preference. I find that most lids, no matter how well designed, end up getting in the way. Since I have easy access to salt, I don’t mind filling up my salt pig with less salt, more often, to avoid having to use a lid.

Fox Run Porcelain and Silicone Salt Pig Set

This is the pig I am ordering today. Why? Well, again, I love the no lid style of salt pig. It has a huge opening for my fingers to pinch some salt. A non-slip silicon base keeps it from moving around. The simple design fits with any kitchen decor. The spoon? Meh, I’ll toss that into a drawer somewhere, never to be seen again.

Culinarium – Natural Gray Concrete Bowl with Ammonite Inlay – White

You are probably wondering why I included this cellar? It’s has a lid that can be lost or broken and that goes against what I have said in previous reviews. Well, the truth is, I have a love of concrete things. I think they are beautiful. As a matter of fact my friend Chris makes beautiful concrete things. Here is his website:http://www.mountainwaveconcrete.com. I am going to see if I can convince him to create a concrete pig in the style of my favorite open mouth. I will be sure to let you know the results.

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